Land of the blue sky: 10 reasons to visit Mongolia now. One of the last surviving nomadic societies, half of Mongolians live pastoral lifestyles little-changed since the days of Chinggis Khan. The rest mostly live in Ulaanbaatar, their ties to the grassland fading as Mongolia’s only city, enriched by overseas investment,

Buddhist Sacred Sites in Mongolia. Then in 1307, upon the death of Kublai’s grandson Temür, another of his grandsons, Ananda, attempted to seize the throne of the Y üan Dynasty. While serving as viceroy of the Tangut land of Xia (centered around the current-day Chinese province of Ningxia), Ananda converted to.

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 · Mongolia has been described as the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky”. This East Asian nation, sandwiched between Russia and China, boasts world-famous natural beauties such as vast steppes, deserts, mountains and taiga.

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 · Mongolia is known as the ‘Land of the Eternal Blue Sky’ and the Mongols practised ancestral Shamanism worshipping the Eternal Blue Sky (Tenger) and the many spiritual forces of nature. In 21st Century Mongolia a combination of Shamanistic and Buddhist belief remains as an easy and unselfconscious part of Mongolian life.

Mongolia is known as the the Eternal Blue Sky. Not only because of its 260 blue sky days on average per year but also in connection with the ancient practise of shamanism – the worshipping of the Eternal Blue Sky (Tenger) and the myriad spiritual forces of nature.

 · Gliding Along the Water in the Land of the Eternal Sky. Three years earlier, that would not have been the case. Mongolia had just suffered through a two-year weather catastrophe called zud — a hellish mix of snow and rain that creates an ice cap over the.