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Drone My Business offers complete ground up media & aerial solutions for business using the latest drone technology capturing HD photography & 4K filming and.

Aerial Wedding Photography by The Drone Co. Getting married is a once in a life time event, capture you wedding with the Drone Co Aerial Wedding Photography packages and leave the ground photos to your friends with a smart phone.

Make the Most of your Drone at your Wedding. First things first, drones don’t carry the right kind of cameras to capture anything close up. Leave that to the ground based guys. But do make sure you get your operator to capture your wedding venue at it’s best.

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Drone News - Flight over People, Night Ops, Drone Laws in Canada, Safety Parachute, Search & Rescue Hiring a drone for your wedding can add that extra special dimension and help keep the memories, of your special day, with you forever. Drones can capture still images and video footage from a perspective that traditional photography can only dream of. Drones can get in closer than helicopters and are capable of providing better footage at a fraction of the cost. Drones at weddings are becoming ever more popular as technology rapidly evolves. 2017 is the year of the wedding drone.

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Drones have become one of the must-have features to make weddings extra special, capturing incredible and unique aerial images of the ceremony and reception.

Some of Our Top Wedding Drone Pilots. Harp & Wild Productions is a full service media production company that uses a DJI’s Mavic drone and a Nikon 300 camera to create high-resolution 4K video and vivid images that will wow your audience.

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Are you looking to make your wedding an event your guest will never forget! The Drone Co provides professional aerial wedding photography and videography services. The Drone Co has more Wedding and Event Aerial photography and videography experience than any other company in the USA.